How It Works

Month 1

Starting Slow

After consultation with your Ally MD provider, you will start on your initial medication dose. You will receive your first three months of medications.
Start learning about healthy lifestyle habits from your fitness and diet professionals.
During this first month you will start using your journal to take note on how you feel, weekly body weight, and the small victories as you begin your journey.

Month 2-3

Building Your New Lifestyle

Increase medicine dosage as tolerated and monitor for any side effects.
You are starting to form new healthy habits.
The scale is moving! Celebrate your victories and reflect on areas to improve.

Month 4-6

Well on Your Way

Follow up visit with your Ally MD provider and your next three months of medications arrive.
Your new lifestyle is becoming second nature. Continue to overcome new challenges.
Confidence is building as weight continues to drop. Hit new personal milestones as your energy and stamina improves. Set new goals.

Month 7+

Trust The Process

Every three months you will continue to have a follow up with your provider. At this point you will be on a stable dose with minimal to no side-effects.
Continue your lifestyle education by refining your exercise regimen and discovering new healthy and delicious meals for you and your family. Remember, the habits you develop will ensure long term success. Become the example for those around you.
Take pride as you are becoming the best version of yourself. The changes are obvious now as friends and family take notice. Continue to set your sights on new goals and challenges as you realize the future is in your control.